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21 Jun 2015

ADUKG and Liwa International undergo Kagan method training


Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) and Liwa International School in Al Ain last week undertook a five-day training programme to certify staff in the use of the Kagan method of cooperative learning.


The training, which ran between 13th – 17th June in Abu Dhabi, equipped staff to understand and apply Kagan Structures, one of the key foundational concepts of the Kagan methodology on cooperative learning.


Kagan Structures aim to involve all members of a classroom in simultaneous and cooperative interaction, where students contribute equally to discussions and are encouraged to support other pupils' learning. According to a statement, this contrasts with traditional methods where the teacher will engage with individual students and test understanding through a more competitive question/answer approach.


Kagan's advocates say it encourages greater engagement across the whole classroom, as well as delivering an embedded curriculum to support the development of important attributes such as teamwork, communication and leadership skills.


"The Kagan approach to cooperative learning has rightly attracted a great deal of attention in the UAE and wider MENA region, with many schools looking to follow the example of Liwa International School to benefit from the advantages the method offers. ADUKG is looking forward to applying our extensive training & development expertise to help support the wider regional adoption of this innovative and proven approach to learning," said Dr. Ahmad Badr, CEO of ADUKG.


Dr. Shereen Gobran, School Principal of Liwa International School and CEO of Kagan Arabian Region, added: "We as a school just didn't realise what we were missing in our teaching and learning approaches until we adopted the Kagan Structures. It is truly 'All about engagement'. Being the Principal of a school where no student is now left behind is a dream come true. Being an educator, I can't wait to share the magic of Kagan Structures with colleagues from other educational institutions.


"When I think about the highly positive impact that the widespread implementation of Kagan Structures will have on students all over the UAE, I get overwhelmed with fulfillment. The fact that it has all started at home, i.e. at Liwa International School is a very good reason for me to celebrate and be thankful to Mrs Laurie Kagan and Dr Spencer Kagan for making a real difference in teaching and learning, and for being our guides and supporters all the way through."


Kagan's publications and structures are based on research conducted by Dr. Spencer Kagan.