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16 Nov 2015

Emirates Post Group, ADUKG announce “Egrab” training programme


Emirates Post Group (EPG), together with Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG), has announced its brand new Egrab training programme, aimed at further developing the knowledge and skills of its Emirati customer service representatives.


The cutting-edge programme is aimed at empowering employees with world-class customer service skills, in line with the company’s core focus on providing an experience that meets and exceeds the needs of every customer.


The programme, set to launch on 26th July in Dubai, will take two groups of 20 participants each through a carefully-crafted syllabus focused on critical aspects of dealing with customers. This includes six modules from ADUKG’s international partner in customer service knowledge and skills training. Participants will be engaged to target exceptional service in every customer interaction, and will focus on key aspects such as communication, teamwork and handling difficult situations.


In addition, participants will undertake an in-depth module into EPG itself, focusing on the company’s history and corporate structure, as well as on the vast range of products and services it offers to its customers.


“The Egrab programme underlines EPG’s continuous drive to elevate its customer service standards to new levels of exceptional performance. We want to always exceed the expectations of our customers, by providing excellent levels of world-class service and being driven by our core values. As a company, we always strive to be at the very forefront of the national drive to develop our Emirati workforce, and so are committed to delivering the highest quality of training to our employees,” said Sami Alkhaja, EPG’s Chief Support Services Officer.


Participants will come from both EPG’s Telephone Contact Centres and its Service Centres from across EPG’s UAE Postal Areas. Suitable candidates for this highly-competitive development opportunity will be selected through a rigorous competency-based process that will include a


focus on candidates’ educational level, appraisal results, role play exercises, and evidence of an individual’s drive to develop themselves. This objective approach will ensure that the very strongest Emirati candidates benefit from the opportunity.


“Like EPG, ADUKG always aims to support the UAE Vision 2021’s target of continuous development of the nation’s human capital. We are very proud to be contributing our extensive training & development expertise to the Egrab programme, and look forward to developing participants’ customer service skills to the highest international standards,” said Dr. Ahmad Badr, CEO of ADUKG. - See more at: