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3 New Year’s Leadership resolutions


Be more visible


One of the biggest complaints of top management from the employees of many organisations is that they are simply too far removed from day-to-day work. This perception – whether factually right or wrong – is a problem because it can leave employees with a sense that directions from above are made with little or no awareness of the needs of the people lower down. As a leader, it is critical that you maintain a strong and continual presence in a company, helping employees see and understand a little about you so that they are more likely to feel connected to your overarching vision. This can be achieved both by making an effort to be physically visible in an office – engaging with employees and showing an interest in their work – as well as through regular communication in online media, emails or an internal newsletter.


Remember the big picture


While CEOs might be perceived to be detached from the day-to-day, there is, ironically, a potentially greater issue when they become so bogged-down in smaller details that they start struggling to see the broader organisational picture. Being detail-focused has its place, but it is important that, as a leader, you remember you are not the only person who can handle the intricacies of your organisation. Your role should be as much about long-term strategy and the creation of an overarching vision of where the company is going, so don’t get bogged down in too many smaller issues.


Don’t forget your own development


Considering how much time leaders spend thinking about the training and development of their staff, it can be a surprisingly frequent concern that they struggle to find the time to focus on their own. Ensuring that your professional and leadership development continues despite the many pressures and demands of being a leader is critical to continually improving in your role. Try scheduling in specific blocks of time for development – whether this is a formal training programme, executive coaching sessions, or simply allowing for time with the latest leadership literature to keep your knowledge current.
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