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3 Stress Management tips


Many employees cite workplace stress as a critical driver of reduced engagement. It can be the cause of health problems, reduce productivity, and cause people to look outside your organisation for a new (less stressful) opportunity. Techniques to reduce this stress can, therefore, have a significant positive impact on an individual’s enjoyment of their workload, as well as the effectiveness of the wider organisation.


Minimise interruptions


Stress can often be increased when a regular routine or carefully planned workday are disturbed by sudden unexpected tasks. While some things will, unfortunately, always surprise you, it is possible to minimise the stress of most of these interruptions. Start by actively planning in time during your workday to deal with such tasks – if you already have an hour set aside for ‘other business’, the stress it might have induced is already lessened. If you are able, it can also be helpful to identify time in your day when you are unreachable due to other priorities. Even if people know not to disturb you for just a short period of your working day, your ability to get things done during this time increases because you don’t have to anticipate the unexpected.


Be aware of self-created stress


We are all probably conscious of times where a situation or task has appeared more stressful in our own heads, than it turned out to be in reality. It’s important when confronted by a particularly complex or sizeable workload to consider it critically, and to be aware of areas where you are assuming – rather than foreseeing – potential issues. Also be aware of areas where it is your own decisions and actions that are adding to the stress – for example, if you are procrastinating over a particular sub-task, you are only adding to the stress of any impending deadline.


Don’t neglect your health


In seeking to do your best in your work, it is important to remember that you should not neglect your own health. Getting enough sleep and ensuring you do some form of exercise are important – in themselves, of course, they are essential for good health, but they are also crucial to ensure you are fully awake and energised when you are at work.
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