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3 insider tips for improving your IELTS performance


Here are three insider tips from ADUKG’s expert IELTS examiners aimed at every individual preparing to maximise their performance during their IELTS test:


Read the questions CAREFULLY


An obvious place to start perhaps, but many candidates are often guilty of skim-reading a question and forming their answer based on an assumption of what is being asked. Don’t do this! The IELTS Writing task 1, for example, is not seeking to discover a candidate’s own opinion on the topic, but simply requires an individual to summarise data. Always, always read the question and make sure that you understand what is required of you before putting pen to paper.


Write notes not sentences


The “long turn” portion of the Speaking test requires a candidate to speak on a topic for 1 – 2 minutes, after a single minute of preparation time. Avoid the inclination to start writing out your answer in full, as even the quickest amongst us could never write a complete answer in just one minute. Instead, try to plan your full response through brief notes, thinking through everything you plan to say. Even better, practice mind-mapping – an excellent and fast technique for visualising a subject and making links between topics.


Timekeeping is crucial


Another obvious but frequently ignored area of preparation is timekeeping, with many candidates failing to pay proper attention to the full amount of time they have available to get through every question. For example, candidates have a single hour to answer questions on 3 academic texts for Reading. It is far better to rigidly allow yourself 20 minutes for each text, than it is to attempt to meticulously answer each one and fail to make it to the end.


ADUKG is a fully accredited IELTS test centre, also offering a range of of IELTS prepation programmes. We have been an IELTS test centre since 2008 and also offer a range of IELTS preparation programmes. Our expert teachers and examiners have supported the language skills development of thousands of students, helping them to achieve their target IELTS score.


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