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3 quick tips to improve your Leadership Succession


Planning for leadership succession should be a part of every organisation’s long-term strategy, and should categorically avoid being a process that is only engaged with at the moment of a leadership crisis. Good planning and a strategic approach can help ensure that succession is as painless as possible, so here are three quick tips to a smoother leadership succession process.


Ingrain it in your training & development


Making succession a consideration of your executive development efforts is very important for helping focus training initiatives on future leadership requirements. This means a business needs to think about its long-term aims and objectives, and consider how these will alter the skills and experience requirements for up-and-coming leaders. It is important to remember that these may well be very different from those of the incumbent leader.


Involve the incumbent


While it might seem somewhat awkward to involve a current leader (perhaps even one who has only recently started) in the process of succession, the insights they can provide into leadership requirements are really unparalleled elsewhere in the business. Their position grants them a unique view of the different capacities of other members of staff, while their holistic view of how the company is currently performing can provide an extremely useful guide on the necessary skillset of a future CEO.


Have an emergency plan


While perhaps a majority of leadership successions don’t occur under true emergency circumstances, it is a wise to consider the subject as part of an organisation’s wider planning for crisis management. An incumbent leader should be involved in considering their immediate responsibilities and role expectations, and identifying those in their business that could immediately take on the role in a crisis. To ensure relevancy, this plan should be revised and reconsidered on a regular and ongoing basis.
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