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3 skills every professional needs in the job market

Recent news reports paint a mixed picture on exactly how the wider GCC market will perform over the next few years. Current concerns about oil prices and global stockmarkets are offset by positive regional reports on the continued focus on major events, country-wide Visions, and confident government spending.


Whatever the future holds, the job market that professionals will be faced with is likely to be even more competitive, with a greater need to demonstrate skills and experience alongside traditional academic achievements. Here are three skills all professionals will need:




The march of technology is only increasing, and all professionals – no matter what sector they are targeting – are likely to require advanced computer skills and technological awareness. From basic word processing and presentations, to data-heavy programmes and an awareness of social media norms, the technological demands of almost every job will continue to rise.




Communication skills are amongst the most important skills that professionals must concentrate on developing. This might be practicing and nurturing the confidence to deliver winning proposals, or the ability to negotiate with clients to achieve the best deal for your business. It might also be effectively communicating with different stakeholders from different parts of an organisation, or could be managing difficult interactions with customers to achieve a positive result.




An increasing number of jobs and projects are handled by teams of people, perhaps working and cooperating across different locations and time zones. Teamworking skills that can best ensure these projects are achieved in a positive and effective manner are therefore crucial. Professionals need to be able to equitably share workloads, delegate different tasks, and be comfortable being accountable for the outcomes.

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