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3 ways career coaching can help you meet your goals


Career coaching is often something that people only engage with when they are actively seeking a new role – perhaps essentially as a way to prepare for interview or to polish their CV. In reality however, career coaching has frequently been shown to be a key engagement driver for employees across an organisation. Frequently, a lack of clear and useful career coaching is cited as one of the principle reasons for employees leaving an organisation, and managers’ failure to play any role in coaching has an enormous impact on this. Here are three ways that career coaching can help you meet your goals.


1. Better understanding of your own strengths


A career coach should be able to help an individual gain a deeper understanding of their own skills and strengths, and provide greater clarity on how these tie-up with their organisation’s success and achievements. They can provide a neutral – though informed – view of strengths and weaknesses, and can allow an alternative perspective on tasks and duties an employee undertakes each day.


2. New perspective on goals


One of the greatest advantages that a career coach can provide is a fresh and informed perspective on your career goals. They can help form vague ideas and aims in to concrete plans, and can temper their advice with first-hand knowledge and experience of the industry you are working in.


3. Strategies for supporting career development


Career coaching will grant a person insight into their own career trajectory – linking their various ambitions and abilities with practical steps for achievement. This includes putting together a framework for their career management, through which they can explore their various goals in more detail and then plot a course for future development.
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