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3 ways to improve Strategic Management


Boost your team’s productivity with these 3 tips on strategic management excellence:


1. Go for clarity in every message


As a manager, it is important that your team fully understands the information you communicate to them. However, a common theme of strategic management meetings is the profusion of buzzwords and meaningless management clichés that often only serve to obscure the real meaning of what is being said. Try to always strive for clarity in everything you communicate, with the basic underlying approach that simplicity and straightforward honesty is very often the best policy. Don’t then rest on your laurels, but instead endeavour to check that everyone has understood things fully, and make sure to avoid the situation where different people have understood the message to mean different things.


2. Challenge your team


A manager needs to find a middle way between setting goals that stretch their reports to achieve great things, while not overreaching to create overly-strenuous burdens on them. KPIs are one way to do this, but a manager can also challenge their team in softer and more continuous ways – for example, by creating a culture where suggestions and ideas at meetings are supported, but also challenged to pick up weaknesses and areas for further development. This creates a culture where ideas are strategically considered and thoroughly investigated before racing forward to put them into practice.


Understand your industry


Managers will often have a sound understanding of frameworks for strategy, likely gained through training & development programmes that helped them in their bid to be promoted to the position in the first place. The challenge for every manager is to link this generic understanding to the specific needs and context of the industry their business operates in. This means understanding aspects such as specific regulatory regimes, environmental demands, or strategic planning; all of which demands can differ wildly between industries. In-depth, targeted training & development can help to forge this link, though a manager must also seek to focus on their own development each day to ensure they add to their strategic understanding through their daily work.
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