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4 attributes of high achievers


Self Belief


Self-confidence is a defining characteristic of every high achiever. They have exceptionally strong belief in their own abilities and in their own capacity to succeed, and they don’t let self-doubt get in the way of achievement. This means avoiding, as far as possible, negative ideas impacting on their day-to-day actions, and maintaining an optimistic, positive view of their own prospects.




High achievers are likely to always seem laser-focused on a goal or plan. Their success won’t happen by accident and they are meticulous in plotting their course to achieve what they want. Once a plan is in place, they are likely to demonstrate a high degree of commitment and drive to put this concept into actual practice.


Own their actions


Being highly-committed to a plan or course of action also means that high achievers will take ownership of their actions, even where they don’t pan out in the way they had hoped. They will be open and honest about mistakes, and they will learn from failures to improve their next attempt. They won’t attribute blame to other parties, but will instead simply look at a set-back as a problem that requires a straightforward solution.




Not unexpectedly, many high achievers will demonstrate a great deal of the most desirable leadership qualities – such as the capacity to inspire and engage others, and the ability to clearly define and articulate their vision for success. They are likely to be gifted communicators, and will seek to extract real value from every interaction with colleagues and employees. 
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