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4 reasons why 2016 is the year to invest in training & development


Current predictions for the economic outlook for 2016 range from the gloriously optimistic to the frighteningly apocalyptic. While both extremes are probably likely to sit somewhere outside the reality of the next year, the start of 2016 is an excellent time to consider an organisation’s approach to training & development. Here are 4 key reasons why 2016 is the year to invest in your training & development.


1. T&D lowers costs


Investing in the development of your employees’ skills means reinforcing their ability to deliver your services and products to your customers. Whatever sector your organisation works in, increased productivity and effectiveness reduces costs and raises the quality of your customers’ experience.


2. Improves your management


Increasing the capacities and competencies of your managers can also have a great effect on the productivity and overall satisfaction of your whole workforce. Better managers – with greater understanding of how they can effectively fulfil their role – will help boost performance, reduce staff turnover, and increase the drive to achieve.


3. Bolsters employee engagement


Challenging economic conditions can impact on an organisation’s capacity to reward performance through pay and benefits. In such times, training is one aspect that can help demonstrate that you are still investing in your staff, and are committed to their future career development.


4. Prepares a business for an up-turn


Investing in training & development during quieter economic times can seem counter-intuitive – after all, if sales are falling, will increased productivity really make that much difference? One consideration companies need to make is that economic conditions change continuously – rising, as well as falling. Preparing your business with the right skills and experience is crucial if you want to take full advantage of these up-swings in market activity.


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