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4 ways to improve your work-life balance
  1. Go off-grid

    Switching off the smart phone and ignoring work email is a screamingly obvious place to begin, but something that many professionals struggle to ever achieve. For a busy professional, there will be always be ‘just one more email’ to answer or another call to make to ensure things are proceeding as planned. Being strict on working hours, or at least setting aside some time where you will definitively be unreachable, is an important step if you want to truly give undivided attention to other parts of your life.
  2. Stop trying to be perfect

    Hard-working professionals will drive towards excellence in everything they do. The problem comes when a person is unable to stop tweaking and changing a project in pursuit of an unreachable standard of perfection. Professionals need to recognise the line between completing something to a very high standard and unnecessarily delaying projects by pushing for a standard that simply cannot be obtained.
  3. Plan your day

    Planning your entire working day is an important step in maximising your productivity and bolstering the amount of time you are able to give to other pursuits. Spending 10 minutes at the start of the day to prioritise tasks, plan strategies and quantify results can ensure you use time at work in the most productive way. This helps you see projects and duties that take up most of your time, and provides a way to schedule time for other activities without affecting your work.
  4. Pursue passions

    Doing something that you have a real passion for is a sure way to bridge the ‘work-life divide’. A job that is also your greatest interest might not take away all of the stress and challenges, but it will go a long way towards ensuring that you stay engaged and motivated.
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