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5 ways to boost skills in your sales team


1. Focus on teamwork


Sales teams are perhaps not the first place you would look for a sterling show of teamwork. The often competitive nature of sales might often create an environment that is less collegiate than most so that you are, consequently, more likely to see a group of individuals all chasing their own individual targets. As a manager, it is therefore very important to retain a focus on teamworking skills to ensure that the office culture remains engaging and cohesive, and to alleviate as much workplace conflict and tension as possible.


2. Develop project management skills


Sales people need to hit targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This means handling multiple clients and prospects under sometimes imminent deadlines and external pressures. Developing project management skills therefore helps ensure that this pressure doesn’t overwhelm an individual, and supports them to manage their time productively to maximise their sales effectiveness.


3. Don’t overlook creativity


In the race to meet a target, the need for creativity in a sales team can often be overlooked. This can be a mistake – encouraging creativity could allow your team to consider new ways to sell established products, find new leads in previously untapped markets, and respond effectively to changing market needs with dynamic sales pitches.


4. Be a coach


Coaching should be a part of every manager’s duties, and this is certainly true of those leading a sales team. Given proper support and guidance, your reports can be encouraged to strive higher and target even greater results. They can also provide greater input into their own developmental needs, and seek advice on how they can improve aspects of their work.


5. Encourage open communication


Communication skills are, of course, a crucial component of every salesperson’s skill set. They help them engage with new customers, relate with established clients, and ultimately make a company’s offering appear more appealing than alternatives. Good communication should also be strengthened internally, with open and honest communication encouraged and embraced. This helps reinforce a robust and engaging work environment, where ideas are shared and issues are given voice.  
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