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6 ways to boost internal customer service


1. Don’t just manage; coach


Managers who coach their teams, rather than simply micro-manage their every action, are likely to see an upsurge in productivity, more creative ideas for how to approach tasks, and greater engagement in their work. As a result, the level of quality delivered to internal customers will be significantly improved.


2. Listen to your team


As some of the people who are most likely interacting with internal customers every day, it is important to listen to what your team tells you in relation to how processes and approaches to work can be improved. Being open to suggestions and ideas can often help pinpoint inefficiencies and procedural issues that might be readily fixed, but which are currently damaging your team’s output.


3. Strive to exceed expectations


It is important to avoid any sense that internal customers are in any way less important or crucial to success than those outside an organisation. Poor internal customer service can be just as damaging to overall profitability or success, and so should be met with the same level of drive to always exceed expectations.


4. Incorporate internal customer service into training


Part of avoiding a distinction between the importance of internal and external customers can be achieved through training, helping to underline to employees the great importance your business places on the overall satisfaction of every customer you serve.


5. Don’t underestimate communication


In common with much else in your organisation, good communication is critical to bolstering internal customer service. Ensuring that communication lines are open and utilised can make a big difference in connecting departments that might be dispersed around different offices and countries. This is key, in particular, when things go wrong – effective communication will help quickly resolve an issue, while ignoring the same will likely create greater problems.


6. Applaud when things go well


Publicly recognising great internal customer service is an excellent way to help encourage similar performance in the future. Employees will respond better where their efforts have not gone entirely unnoticed, and will likely endeavour to provide a similar level of satisfaction in their future work.
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