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Focusing on your self-development


We have often talked about the benefits that organisations can take from investing in their employees’ training & development – from bolstered skills and expanded capacities, to greater employee engagement and reduced staff turnover. However, training & development is clearly not the sole responsibility of employers. The benefits of focusing on you own individual development are numerous, and taking responsibility for growing yourself is an important step to achieving your personal targets and goals.


Be aware


Self-awareness is crucial for proper development. Awareness helps you critically analyse your successes and your failures, and supports you to learn from them for future development. It also means you are better able to objectively understand your own training & development needs – from what you should be focusing on, to the style and approach needed to best add to your skills.


Be bold


Trying something new can often be nerve-wracking or difficult. However, it is important not to shy away from these new experiences – testing yourself is a sure way to develop your skills, whether what you are immediately learning becomes a key skill or is evidently not where your talent lies.


Be proactive


The needs of different industries and professions rarely stay still for long, so it is important you remain vigilant to changing job requirements. Keep track of shifting professional standards and training needs, and be sure you stay ahead of the competition by continually seeking to add to your professional skills. Also stay aware of development opportunities that present themselves through the course of your working day – whether this be a secondment opportunity, a project in a different department, or simply an opportunity to network and learn from people elsewhere in the business.


Be open to others


Other people are a great source of knowledge and experience, so it is important as a professional to be open with colleagues and to seek to learn all you can from their unique take on the world.
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