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How globalisation is impacting on your leadership


As technology and economic forces draw the world closer together, the expectations and demands resting on the shoulders of leaders will only grow. Here are three ways that globalisation is impacting on your own leadership:


• Cultural awareness


An obvious place to start, of course, but the rise of globalisation, and the need for even relatively small businesses to “think global”, has drastically increased the need for leaders to adopt a more global mindset. This includes managing and leading culturally diverse teams of professionals drawn from around the world, necessitating that a leader understand how their approach may need to be adjusted to more effectively lead people from very different cultural backgrounds. It also involves a leader looking at their overall strategy and asking whether it remains appropriate when taken out of the relative comfort of their home market. They need to ask questions such as: Is the business model applicable in foreign markets? Are our working practices in line with global expectations? How do we remain attractive as an employer in markets where our brand is unknown?


• Remote teams


One impact of the blending of technology and globalisation has been to draw the world closer together in business without physically requiring workforces to relocate or even meet in person. With remote working now a common occurrence, this raises new challenges for the leader, who must still seek to connect and influence their team without the ever-ready opportunity to be physically present and visible in the workplace. Leaders need to think even more about crucial aspects of their leadership, such as how to most effectively and clearly communicate their vision through remote channels.


• Transparency


Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have completely altered the relationship between businesses and the general public, increasing customer access to a company and raising the expectation of transparency. Such social media channels can, therefore, be a great tool for connecting with customers, but must also be used wisely – the possibility of under- or over-sharing sensitive information is a very real potential pitfall.

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