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How secondments can benefit your employees


New experience


Working with a new department in a different area of a business can provide an employee with a whole new area of experience. They gain exposure to different ways of working and are provided with an in-depth insight into how other areas of an organisation go about their business. This can prove invaluable when they return to their role – providing an increased understanding of how their own job fits into the greater machinery of the organisation and allowing them to better align their own way of working with other departments.


Boost morale


A secondment can often increase an employee’s engagement with their organisation. Agreeing to a secondment in the first place demonstrates trust and commitment to an employee – it shows an organisation is prepared to invest in the career development of that person, and shows an evident faith in their ability to succeed. It also provides a real break from the perhaps routine nature of their daily work – demonstrating the variety of options on offer to employees and ensuring that they don’t look to leave because their role has become stale and unchallenging.


Improved skills


Working in a different role – even on a very short-term basis - can support an employee to develop new skills and competencies. They might develop abilities in particular work systems or processes, or develop soft skills such as teamwork and communication through their exposure to different team dynamics in different parts of your organisation. If they need to balance a secondment with the demands of their present work they can develop greater project management skills, while the opportunity to take the lead on a project can help them develop leadership & management skills that bolsters their future career opportunities.


New talent


Of course, the benefit of a secondment not only comes for the employee moving roles. For the employees of the host department too, there is the considerable advantage of a new and talented person to support the work. This can provide them with fresh ideas, new drive and commitment, and simply greater capacity to complete particular projects and tasks. 
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