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Identifying disengaged employees


We have looked previously at some of the ways an employer can re-engage demotivated employees, but how do you identify the people who have become disengaged with their work in the first place? Here are some key indicators that suggest an employee is lacking engagement with your organisation:


Passing on responsibility


t is unusual for a previously hard-working and helpful employee to suddenly start avoiding obligations. A person who has previously sought out work and been ready to support various projects, but who is now quicker to discount themselves from responsibility, has potentially become disengaged from their workload and your organisation.


Seeking distraction


In a similar light, an employee that seems keener to catch up on social media or gossip across the office may simply be easily distracted (a worry in itself), but could have ceased to focus their energies on their workload.


Increasing tardiness


Demotivated employees will often also manifest their falling engagement through increasing tardiness. An individual who has previously been absent very little and has always been good at time-keeping is unlikely to have simply forgotten these skills if they suddenly start appearing late for every meeting and appointment.


Falling quality of work


An obvious indicator, and also a major risk, of disengaged employees is a falling quality in the work they produce. Of course, where there is shifting responsibilities and a changed workload, this may indicate an issue with the training and skills of that individual when faced with a new task. Where this is not the case, it is more likely to indicate a falling level of interest and engagement in the tasks to which they’ve been assigned.

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