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Maintaining your work productivity during Ramadan


Whether you are fasting or not, one of the key work challenges that arises during the Holy Month of Ramadan is the effort to maintain productivity while you’re at work. For people fasting, of course, the challenge is to stay focused at a time when you aren’t eating and your daily schedule has been significantly altered by different commitments inside and outside work. You might be tired, thirsty and hungry, while still trying to do the same job with fewer hours available to get things done.


These reduced work hours and more relaxed atmosphere can also impact those who aren’t fasting, of course, while the wider business world can also slow down considerably, making it more challenging to coordinate with clients and partners elsewhere.


Here, then, are some recommended coping strategies to help make sure you stay productive and keep getting things done.


Plan in advance


With fewer working hours available, it makes sense to be ultra-focused on utilising the time available in the very best way possible. Planning your to-do list at the end of the day before can help you “hit the ground running” when you are at your freshest and most focused the next morning. Having goals laid down and set in your mind is also the very best way to ensure that things actually get completed, rather than them existing as floating “must-dos” on a much hazier schedule.


Do complex tasks at the start of the day


When fasting, you will naturally tire and lose concentration as the day progresses. Indeed, most professionals experience this dwindling concentration at any time of year, with tiredness and fatigue impacting on their effectiveness throughout the course of the day. It is sensible, therefore, to plan your work to prioritise the most taxing tasks for the start of each day, leaving simpler and more routine activities for those times when you are likely to be less effective.


Keep active


While it might fall down your list of priorities, exercise is still an important facet of your routine which you should try to maintain as best you can. Staying active will help you feel more awake and energised, while even just getting up and walking around for a few minutes can substantially aid your concentration and focus on your work. 
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