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Organisational design: A key focus for 2016


Deloitte’s new “Global Human Capital Trends 2016”, which surveyed some 7,000 individuals from more than 130 countries, found a strong shift in focus towards organisational design. Indeed, 92 per cent of the CEOs and Human Resources leaders surveyed stated that organisational design was “very important or important” as a consideration for the next year. In the Middle East, it was even higher – at 93 per cent of those surveyed. The research authors suggested that this shift from (still important) priorities - such as leadership and development opportunities - has been driven by a renewed focus on keeping organisations competitive in a changed business environment.


Reflecting this increased focus, 45 per cent of those surveyed said they were already working on a restructure of their business, while 6 per cent said they were planning to undertake one.


A fresh approach


The Deloitte report suggests that a new organisational model is currently gaining traction – “a network of teams” where groups of employees are engaged on particular business tasks and challenges. In such a design, teams are formed for specific purposes, pool their skills and work towards a particular target, then disband and move on to a different challenge.


Of course, such a shift necessitates huge changes to how a company approaches matters such as recruitment and retention, engagement, training & development, and career planning. It will also require a change in the nature of leadership demanded from above – for example, connecting employees with a compelling overriding purpose will be even more crucial if their day-to-day work can vary so frequently. It also means delegating authority far more, and empowering teams to operate effectively, with a different approach to communication and coordination.


Is your company currently looking at organisational design?
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