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The Career Fast-Track: What you need to do to get promoted


1. Identify your strengths…then strengthen them


Conventional wisdom might hold that a person should be honest about their weaknesses and then seek to develop those areas to make them stronger. However, while that is certainly a worthy endeavour, those looking for promotion might do as well to focus on their key selling points and seek to develop those instead. There is, of course, value in being able to offer a toolset of complementary skills, but there is also real demand for specialists who are really experts in a field.


2. Seek out opportunities to impress


Many people would suggest that there is a clear line between seeking to impress colleagues higher up and toadying up to them in a desperate bid to make your mark. While it is best to avoid the latter, professionals should not be worried about seeking out new opportunities for development that can also serve as a demonstration of their skills. This could be in a different business area, a new and unfamiliar role, or simply working alongside colleagues you have not previously had contact with.


3. Have a plan


Just as every professional should have a clear idea of their desired career trajectory, it is important that you also be definite in your strategy for making the jump to the next level. This means identifying the skills and experience you will need to be able to demonstrate, and then finding ways to make sure that you can add these to your CV. It might also mean making plans to spread your professional network in a particular direction, perhaps aiming to take on other responsibilities or tasks that make you more prominent to certain business areas.


4. Don’t ignore your current role


In the excitement and drive to work towards a promotion, it is important not to forget the responsibilities and duties of your present role. It is, after all, the best and most immediate demonstration of your talents, and it will become horribly obvious that you are treating it as a mere stepping stone if you fail to show it the attention it requires.
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