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Looking forward: The prospects for Emiratisation in 2016

With preparations for ADUKG’s 7th Annual Emiratisation Forum in full swing, we take a look here at some of the prospects for Emiratisation in 2016.


In very recent news, Mubadala’s presence at the Dubai Airshow last week included an emphasis on the company’s future growth strategies. This included a heavy emphasis and commitment to Emiratisation and knowledge development, with the company committing to creating more than 10,000 jobs through its Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park by 2030. The company has said that it is fully supporting the development of the next generation of Emirati scientists, engineers and technical workers, through its training and career opportunities.


In other news, last month, the UAE Cabinet announced that it has adopted the National Emiratisation Strategy in the banking and insurance sector. Through policy guidance and initiatives, it is aiming to foster a working environment that more effectively attracts Emirati talent to the public and private sector. In support of this, the Government is working with relevant organisations to fully utilise the skills of Emiratis to meet the needs of the UAE labour market.


At the end of August, Dubai Parks and Resorts announced a major Emiratisation programme aimed at attracting more than 1,000 UAE nationals. This is a full third of the jobs it is creating at the new theme parks the company is opening in Dubai in October 2016. The firm is aiming to create a substantial pool of Emirati talent to support the growth and success of all three new parks.


In Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) announced in July of this year that the number of Emirati teachers in public schools is increasing significantly, with ADEC targeting Emiratisation as a top priority. ADEC is aiming for 50 per cent Emiratisation of the teaching workforce by 2018, and reported that 51 new Emirati teachers had started work in public schools as of August.


Emiratisation is a national priority for the UAE’s public and private organisations, and the Emiratisation Forum will be the place to hear the latest policy updates and case studies on this critical subject.

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