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Top Training & Development Trends for 2016


The importance of T&D is only going to grow


The oil price has been a talking point for most businesses in the region over the past year, with even companies far removed from the oil & gas world closely monitoring how the continued low prices might impact on regional markets.


One consequence of this potentially contracted spending in relation to the job market is likely to be a renewed focus on candidate skills and experience. People searching for a new position, or simply those looking to add to their commercial value in their present firm, are likely to need to focus even more on personal and professional development over 2016 to ensure they remain at the top of the pile for new roles.


Blended learning


Online and mobile learning has been one of the major training & development trends of recent years, giving a spur to the continued interest in blended learning solutions. These encompass a range of training approaches – from traditional classroom-style teaching, to coaching & mentoring support, through to online modular options and gamification elements to encourage continued engagement. The success of these blended solutions rests on the increased sense of personal responsibility for elements of a professional development effort, as well as the ability to regularly – if only briefly – engage with content related to a field of study.


Revised training priorities


Another impact of a constricted regional market is likely to be a reconsideration of training priorities for many companies. If budgets shrink or competition increases, many firms will likely need to investigate changes to their processes and products, prompting a revision of their training priorities. This will be coupled with a need for increased focus on leadership development programmes, prompted by the younger millennial workforce moving further up the corporate ladder into leadership roles, and a greater number of the older generation look to retire. 
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