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What is the ROI on Employee Wellness efforts


Employee health and wellness programmes – whether a dedicated programme of health-related activities, the introduction of specific ergonomic office adjustments, health-screening efforts, or simply the provision of a bowl of fresh fruit each day – have become a mainstay of many organisations. Aimed (obviously) at improving the overall health and well-being of a body of employees, they also promise some distinct potential advantages for the organisations undertaking them.


In the region, a recent report from consulting firm Mercer found that wellness programmes are becoming increasingly well-utilised in the UAE, with around 37 per cent of organisations providing some sort of programme. Here are some of the reasons – beyond the obvious upturn in health & fitness of employees - why these companies have taken the plunge:


Lower turnover & higher employee engagement


Companies instigating some form of wellness initiative often report an upsurge in employee engagement. This is driven by the obvious demonstration of the company’s interest and concern for individual employees, as well as the possible opportunity to connect with other employees from across an organisation in a different, less formal setting. Employees who are engaged in their work and believe in the organisation they work for are less likely to leave, so employee turnover should fall.


Reduced employee engagement


Many absences from work, and many medical claims made on insurance, are linked to preventable lifestyle conditions linked to inactivity and poor diet. Focusing on improving health – for example, through exercise and fitness initiatives or improving food options at lunch – can make a major impact on such issues.


Higher productivity


Fitter, more active employees with a workplace environment that is more focused around their well-being will likely work harder and more productively. They will also have more energy and benefit from the boost in concentration that exercise can bring.
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