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Why coaching & mentoring should be a year-round focus


There are vast differences in organisational approaches to coaching and providing feedback – ranging from a once-a-year chat about performance, through to a dedicated and continuous process of mentoring that makes performance management a daily concern for all involved.


A BlessingWhite report on the subject found that the level of coaching and feedback provided by a manager throughout the year had a strong role to play in whether the end-of-year review was viewed in a positive light. The data found that 46% of employees who were the recipients of regular feedback and manager coaching viewed their annual performance review in a positive light. This contrasted with just 12% of employees who did not receive this attention.


This is an important consideration for every organisation. A continuous system of feedback reduces the stress and importance of the yearly appraisal. It provides employees with a much clearer idea of where they stand in the organisation, and allows for far more opportunities to connect their work with wider organisational aims.


It also means that performance can be monitored and altered on a far more regular basis, allowing for issues to be discussed and dealt with before they become serious or terminal performance problems. This allows organisations far greater ability to encourage the kind of performance they need from their staff throughout the year, rather than following arbitrary diary dates for feedback.


This approach was also found to improve employees’ perceptions of the overall accuracy and fairness of the end-of-year appraisal, with a strong connection between those receiving regular feedback and how far they believed it measured their performance with due attention to how they had performed throughout the whole year. This is an important consideration – particularly where such appraisals are a key part of salary discussions – providing manager and employee with far more clarity on the factors being considered


Regular feedback and coaching sessions help to embed performance management into the foundations of an organisation, in the process building stronger working relationships and improving oversight of performance across departments. It can have a significant impact on employee engagement, and demonstrates that a company is interested and invested in the ongoing development of their workforce.

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