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This is why higher employee engagement is good for your brand


A great deal of the talk about employee engagement focuses on the greater productivity and higher efficiency that it can produce. Engaged employees who are invested in the organisation and buy-in to its values will work harder and more effectively, with a consequent upturn in their output to the benefit of the organisation at large.


This, of course, should be more than enough encouragement for most organisations to better engage with their employees. However, an aspect of engagement that is often considered far less is the boost to how an organisation is perceived externally when it has a group of employees who are happy and engaged in their work.


This is a particularly valid consideration for organisations with a significant number of customer-facing employees. We can, perhaps, all think of an occasion where we have been in a shop or restaurant where the staff you interacted with were clearly enjoying their work. Almost certainly, such an occasion will be remembered well – the employees were probably particularly helpful, most likely appeared competent, and overall left you with a positive impression of the company.


Perhaps even more likely is a recollection of the alternative – where you have been confronted by a staff member who clearly had no interest in their work and didn’t demonstrate any desire to be there at all. It is unlikely you came away from such an experience with a similarly positive impression.


The idea of happy staff can appear somewhat ‘fluffy’ in comparison with more concrete business considerations like productivity and output. However, all organisations must consider how an employees’ engagement and relationship with a company can seep out into the wider world. This doesn’t just apply in customer service–type interactions, but also extends to how an organisation is viewed as a potential employer. Word can quickly travel when an organisation fails to pay attention to employee engagement, and an impression left by an unhappy workforce can make it significantly more difficult for a business to attract and retain the talent it needs to keep going.


How do you think employee engagement has impacted on the external perception of your own organisation?


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