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Our organisation believes firmly in the value of sustainability in all aspects of our business. This includes, of course, a real awareness of the innate value of the environment and the concept of conserving resources. As such, our WeCare initiative puts a primary focus on many aspects of environmental concern – from conserving water and reducing energy use, to encouraging recycling and providing tips on being more environmentally aware.


Completed Projects



PrintLess Competition
The WeCare Committee organised an internal competition aimed at encouraging
employees to change their printing habits to save paper and resources.
Departments were pitted against each other, with the department who reduced print usage
by the greatest percentage awarded the title of “Eco Champions”.





Under the WeCare initiative, the company launched a carpooling awareness scheme aimed at
demonstrating the environmental benefits of sharing car rides with colleagues.





ADUKG ran a largescale awareness scheme using bespoke posters to promote environmental initiatives such as
reducing water and paper use, and switching off computers and lights at the end of the day.