ADUKG About Us



As a leading regional provider of development and consulting solutions for the region’s professionals and organisations, ADUKG always has a real focus on the happiness and wellbeing of employees. Our WeCare initiative - offering tips for a healthier workplace - is a ready example of this. Through it, we aim to share knowledge and raise awareness of some of the most common workplace health and safety concerns.


Throughout our campaign, we will look at different workplace health topics, aiming to give practical advice and suggesting simple changes to working life that really can make a difference.


Completed Projects



Our WeCare campaign for ADUKG employees underlined the health advantages of using the stairs
rather than the lift, using inspirational messages and calorie counter across two flights of stairs.




ADUKG ran a very successful wellness day for its own employees and staff from Abu Dhabi University.
This “Live Well” event was aimed at providing guidance, practical tips and fresh motivation
for every staff member to improve their health and well-being.





Abu Dhabi WALK
A group of ADUKG employees took part in the Abu Dhabi WALK
around Yas Marina Circuit, a health-focused initiative focused on raising awareness
of healthy lifestyle choices.





Biggest Loser Contest
ADUKG staff took part in a health-focused campaign aimed at encouraging
people to lose weight, with the prospect of prizes for those participants
who lost the most weight over the course of the initiative. s.