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Contributing to the wider society in which we operate is part of the stated mission of our entire organisation. This comes both from the work we do as a training & development and consulting company, as well as our many projects which aim to directly make a difference in the lives of others. Through our WeCare campaign, we plan a range of initiatives that make a positive impact on many different parts of society.



WeCare Iftar
During Ramadan, ADUKG organised an iftar for a large group of local orphans,
in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. This provided both a communal meal for attendees,
but also involved some fun activities where staff could engage with the children.




Social Media Awareness Campaign
ADUKG designed and implemented a largescale health & workplace best practices campaign
across social media channels, aimed at sharing knowledge and motivating lifestyle changes
amongst our community.
motivating lifestyle changes amongst our community.