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13.11.2016 | Staying innovative

Though the style and approach can differ markedly, there is an ongoing GCC-wide focus on how economies..


30.10.2016 | Merging teams & their cultures

Mergers, both in the region and internationally, have made for regular reading in recent weeks, with a number of big names making moves that could..


18.10.2016 | Negative influences in the workplace

Mars has received a good deal of attention in recent weeks, not least prompted by the UAE’s own ..


02.10.2016 | The Professional Social Network

There can sometimes be quite a grubby connotation to the concept of “networking”. One version of it sees it describing a closed-off business world..


18.09.2016 | Being idealistic has to have some limits

Let’s be honest - there can often feel like a lot of mythology surrounds many of the leadership greats ..


07.08.2016 | Why leaders shouldn’t fear feedback

The concept of feedback is understandably nerve-wracking for many – principally because it can challenge the carefully constructed self-image a person creates for themselves.


24.07.2016 | Know When and How to Switch Off

As the UAE continues to bake in the summer heat, many of us may still be counting down the time until we get to enjoy our own precious days of annual leave.


10.07.2016 | Your best worker is leaving? Don’t panic!

Like many people around the globe, I watched with avid interest as events unfolded around the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU.


08.07.2016 | A leader’s legacy can’t be left to the last minute

Like many people around the globe, I watched with avid interest as events unfolded around the UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU.


01.07.2016 | Leaders & Strategy

Strategy”, even where it is evidently applied to the corporate world, always tends to have a slightly militaristic ring to it.


26.06.2016 | Keeping talented employees interested

An established star will likely lose their starting place, and discussion will turn to the impact this will have on their motivation over the rest of the competition.


17.06.2016 | Licensing leaders to get the best out of business

We live in a world where many professionals have to be licenced in order to practice their profession.


12.06.2016 | “What’s the salary?” A pertinent question, but there are more interesting ones

Let’s start with an unscientific but, I would guess, probably fairly accurate assumption: for candidates attending an interview..


03.06.2016 | For a different sort of connectivity at the workplace

At a time when workforce demographics and expectations are changing rapidly, the ability to attract and retain talent..


29.05.2016 | Robots are not a threat to our livelihoods

In 2016, it feels like robots are suddenly everywhere. Geneva airport is trialling a robotic “baggage butler”.


25.05.2016 | Makes sense to bring forth your emotions

Much has been documented on the importance of emotional intelligence in the modern world, especially in the domain of leadership.


17.05.2016 | Leadership: Is There Really a Dark Side?

The question of what exactly constitutes effective leadership is the focus of near-perpetual debate for scholars and management practitioners.


17.05.2016 | An effective corporate culture can’t be copy-and-pasted

Consider the word “culture” and your mind might wander to an idealised image of an afternoon spent flitting through the rooms of a world-famous art gallery.


01.05.2016 | Millennials & Leadership

The idea that there is a hoard of so-called “millennials” tramping ever-closer to the doors of leadership is, by now, a well-ingrained consideration for many organisations.


11.04.2016 | The value of being a good follower

It will perhaps not have escaped your notice that business professionals have a habit of using a great many “management speak” phrases in their day-to-day communication.


30.03.2016 | Redefining Leadership

Most of us can probably think of an example of an organisational leader who had an impressively unconventional approach to their leadership role.


20.03.2016 | With all this leadership development, why are bad CEOs still about?

The corporate world can expend a great deal of time and money focused on the topic of leadership development.


10.03.2016 | Nothing like self-development for those in charge

A quick scan of recent business news illustrates the impact technological trends are having on our lives.


06.03.2016 | Positive inspiration goes further than negative instruction

A very easy way to create disagreement and disharmony in a room of talent management professionals is to raise the spectre of the long-running academic debate around the differences between a “leader” and a “manager”.


21.02.2016 | Never discount the value of happiness as a measure of progress

ADUKG’s Dr. Badr discusses some of the lessons the private sector can learn from the UAE’s new Happiness portfolio.


07.02.2016 | Effective CEOs can’t succumb to the pressure

In a regular organisational structure, ultimate accountability always flows upwards.


24.01.2016 | Corporate sustainability needs to be ingrained in company culture

While there are certainly many people confidently talking up projects and industries that promise consistent profitability, there are also other quarters speaking in less hopeful terms, writes Dr. Ahmad Badr.


10.01.2016 | The Address Downtown Dubai aftermath: Cool head in a crisis is always valuable

The response to the Dubai hotel fire on New Year’s Eve presents some useful leadership lessons in effective crisis management.


28.12.2015 | Retraining is a challenge, but worth it

ADUKG CEO, Ahmad Badr, discusses the need for organisations to continue focusing on employee skill development during organisational change.


13.12.2015 | The case of Marissa Mayer and Yahoo: good leaders don’t depend on luck

Consider the case of Yahoo and what it can teach us about the importance of timing for every leader


29.11.2015 | Creative culture comes from within

Ideas – particularly those that have changed the world or made a great deal of money – are among the most desirable of all business attributes. Dr. Ahmad Badr looks at how to encourage innovation.


15.11.2015 | Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk have the same confidence as James Bond, but without the ego

Dr Ahmad Badr, ADUKG CEO, discusses the need for leaders to balance ego with self-awareness.


01.11.2015 Leadership succession is a delicate process

ADUKG CEO Ahmad Badr considers how organisations need to fully engage in succession planning to ensure they stay on the right track


18.10.2015 Cultural Intelligence can help you thrive in the multicultural mix

It is an exciting part of today’s globalised economy that workplace are increasingly international and professionals more globally mobile. ADUKG’s Dr. Ahmad Badr explains how cultural intelligence can boost leadership effectiveness in this diverse environment.


04.10.2015 | What VW must do as it embarks on long road to recovery

For regular readers of the business pages, there has been one dominant rumbling story of the past fortnight. A brown cloud of diesel scandal now hangs above Volkswagen – former pride of Germany and the world’s biggest-selling car manufacturer.


20.09.2015 | Kagan structures promise greater pupil engagement

ADUKG CEO Dr. Ahmad Badr looks at the advantages of using Kagan structures in the classroom.


20.09.2015 | Employees will respond in kind when they know they are valued

The current flux of regional business news runs between positivity and pessimism with remarkable regularity. One day, oil prices and property markets depress the mood. The next, new hiring and stock markets raise expectations.


07.09.2015 | Leaders must adapt to be adept

It is a fundamental part of our understanding of nature that organisms need to adapt to their environment to survive. There is a similar truth in the academic and corporate understanding of different approaches to leadership.


23.08.2015 | Leaders’ vision for companies must be realistic, even when they are aiming for the stars

The problem with the concept of a “leadership vision” is that the actual language used to describe it can sound overly grandiose, and even vaguely mystical.


09.08.2015 | Developing Leadership Skills Among Emirati Nationals

You do not need to spend much time talking with human resources professionals in the UAE before the conversation inevitably turns to the topic of Emiratisation.


26.07.2015 | Effective leaders must learn how to cope with crises

The past few weeks have provided contrasting illustrations of the well-worn idea that it can be lonely at the top of the pile.


12.07.2015 | Recover from setbacks and bounce back stronger

Picking yourself up. Getting back on the horse. Shaking it off. In many of life’s situations, people will offer up a torrent of tired clichés about how we should recover after a mistake or failure.


28.06.2015 | Follow the leader who is a good communicator

This month, the results of a survey by Glassdoor revealed that Google’s Larry Page was ranked as the highest-rated chief executive by his own employees. How did he achieve this?


14.06.2015 | What the Fifa scandal and Sepp Blatter can teach us about fair play

What can Sepp Blatter’s lengthy term of office as the Fifa president teach us about a leader’s role in good corporate governance?


31.05.2015 | Don’t retrain the Lionel Messi of your team

When you think of the most successful people and their particular talent, you rarely think of the other skills they may not possess.


10.05.2015 | Lead from the top – and get the entire workforce involved

Real success for an organisation will only materialise when every employee makes the commitment to become a leader in their field.