Your IELTS Results

Your IELTS results will be shown on your Test Report Form. This report details your score for each of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking), as well as an overall band score

Results available to candidates 13 days after the test

Candidates who took their exam through ADUKG IELTS centre can view their results in one of two ways:

  1. In person: Come to the Registration Desk on the 2nd floor and show your ID

    You can also authorise a representative to pick up the Test Report Form for you. Please complete the authorisation form

  2. Online: (Visit IELTS online results and follow the instructuions. You will need to enter your test date, candidate number and date of birth)

Centeres are not permitted to give results over the phone, by fax, or by email

Candidates will receive only one copy of the Test Report Form. It's important that you keep it safe as replacement Test Report Forms cannot be issued.

Test centres can send original copies of your Test Report Form to up to five recognised organisations free of charge, within the UAE.